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Designing for the 21st century

Community Center à Londrina, Brésil

An International Conference on Universal Design
December 7-12, 2004, Rio de Janeiro

The December congress brought together over 400 delegates from 32 nations. The event created an expanded dialogue between the developed and developing nations and articulated a vision of sustainable development that integrates universal design. All submissions were required to meet four criteria:

- universal design
The design must be usable by a wide range of people across the spectrum of ability and age in the widest variety of circumstances without separate or special features.
- sustainable design
The design must incorporate practices and products that have long life and durability; that maximize the use of recyclable, reclaimed or salvaged products; that minimize the use of energy, including the energy and resources required to transport; and materials that enhance human health and well-being.
- low cost
The design must be possible to construct and finish with low-cost construction materials, finishes and minimally skilled labor. Applicants should note strategies for supplementing outlays of cash with donated goods and services.
- design excellence
The design must incorporate both visual and sensory (tactile, auditory, etc.) appeal appropriate to the cultural and physical context.